Sunday, July 12, 2009

Under the sea, under the sea...

...darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me!
That's right, I was under the sea last weekend. I went to West Palm Beach, Florida to do some 4th of July diving, and it was fantastic. Unfortunately, blogger doesn't want to let me upload any of Philippe's beautiful underwater pictures right now, but I will try again later. Here are some pictures of me taken on the surface.
In this one, the boat is leaving for our first dive of the day. I am a little bit excited.

Fast forward! Here I am, coming up from my second dive, floating in the ocean, waiting for the boat to come get me.

From the look on my face, it was a good dive!
And here's the crew. This is my Saturday dive team at the Aquarium.
From left to right: John, Greg (my dive instructor), me, Philippe, Kat, Lonnie, and Chris in front. I love this group of people, there's always fun to be had with them, and they are all so generous.

Well, unfortunately, that's it for now. There are some really REALLY cool underwater pics coming, I promise!


BiscottiQueen said...

Wow... great adventure!!! I bet that was the BEST. So where have you been lately... how's the garden!?