Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dan didn't kill a thing!

I had a wonderful time at the outdoor retreat I went to, but I have to admit I missed the garden and was a little nervous about Dan taking care of it. But he came through and everything was still alive when I came home Sunday afternoon. I know I was only gone three days, but I'm surprised (and you will be, too) by how nicely everything is maturing!

The cucumber is getting the idea that I want it to grow UP!

Check out the first little cucumber! So cute!

Dan (reluctantly?) modeling with the green beans. Looks closely and you'll see how high they are climbing already!

Close-up of one of the tendrills.

Here's a short video of the tendrills, so you can see how high they are growing. First I thought they'd never start climbing, and now I'm trying to figure out what to do once they reach the top!

The planter box beans are a little behind. I should probably thin these out a little.

Dan says, "look, Svenja, I didn't kill a thing!" The corn is growing tall..

...and it's starting to grow reproductive parts! I know almost nothing about corn reproduction, except that wind helps in pollination of seperate male and female flowers. That's why you're supposed to plant in several rows. I didn't get that memo (I have one row), so I guess we'll see if we get any actual corn this year.

The eggplant has multiple flowers on it and is growing out of the top of the cage now. I'm having a bit of an aphid problem with this plant, so I'm thinking about buying some ladybugs to help me out (I also want to get a praying mantis eggcase to combat other pests).

Here's the zucchini, spreading out!

Feast your eyes on the first zucchini fruit! I'l be eating this in a few days, and yes, I will be taking pictures of the first harvest.

The squash plant now has flowers galore!

Most of the ones I saw are male flowers, but there was one female flower with a little squash growing on it. Come on pollinators, do your thing!

The bell pepper in front and the jalapeno in back.

First little bell pepper! So cute I can't stand it!

The pimiento peppers.

They are starting to grow flowers, too!

The cayennes had a huge growth spurt!

Here's the cherry tomato...

...with actual tomatoes on the plant!

And here's the roma tomato...

...still flowering like crazy.

Last, but certainly not least, the herbs. The cilantro had started bolting, so I had to cut a bunch off of it. I had parsely and lemon thyme with my chicken last night, and it was delicious! If you live near and want some fresh herbs, please let me know. We can't possibly eat all these by ourselves (the exception is the basil, I want to make pesto and freeze it). Let me know if you'd like any peppermint, parsley, chives, oregano, lemon thyme, cilantro or dill!

Another fun week on the farm! I am getting closer to leads on free or cheap barrels to use as rain barrels. I'm hoping to get these soon, as my weather forecaster friend Jonathan thinks we might be heading for another drought this summer - eek!

Stay tuned for the first harvest - coming soon - I hope!