Monday, April 27, 2009

Another one so soon?

Now that the weather is so nice, I just can't seem to stay out of the yard. I realized that I haven't posted any pictures of the peaches yet, so here is a cute, fuzzy peach for you. I hope that we can actually eat them this year. We haven't had a year of edible peaches since we've had the tree.

Another update I forgot to include in yesterday's blog is the miracle known as "Svenja's little paw paw tree." This little guy looked dead to Dan, but I kept telling him to just wait. It was off to a rough start last year when the dogs ran it over and it broke in half. Dan wanted to yank it out, but I knew it would come back - and it did. This winter it looked like a dead stick stuck in the ground, but I was hopeful... And now look! It's sprouting leaves! I'm going to have to pull the grass from around it and mulch it, and then hope it grows a little more this year.
On another note: don't you just love the weeds in the background?

It wouldn't be a complete blog without another spider photo! This is a small one, but click on it to enlarge it and you will see what I think is a golden orbweaver - one of my favorite summer spiders. These girls get HUGE and are beautiful. This one was teeny tiny and living in the blueberry bushes (which probably won't bloom this year because we transplanted them).

Another update: I've been researching like crazy and found out that the mystery plant is Saxifraga stolonifera, more commonly known as strawberry geranium or strawberry begonia. It's native to China, so not a SC flower afterall, but it is a nice, evergreen ground cover and doesn't seem to be invasive, so I will be dividing it and planting it in other areas this fall.

The reason I grabbed the camera in the first place is that there are even more flowers out today! The cucumber had two yellow blooms:

And the green bell pepper had two as well, with ants crawling around in it. I've never taken the time to look at pepper flowers, they're pretty!

The jalapeno should be flowering tomorrow!

I was also thrilled to discover that the beans are finally "reaching out" for something to climb on.

A view down the row:

While I was out there I tossed the frisbee for Brooklyn, and I happened to catch this really cool flip on camera. Not garden-related, but still fun.

So next weekend I will be at an outdoor retreat and I'm having a little anxiety leaving my plants for that long. I guess I will just have to trust Dan. I hope I don't miss the first harvest of zucchini! Last year once the flowers bloomed we were knee-deep in zucchinis...

I'm sure I'll be posting more updates this week if the weather stays this nice. Check back!