Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's been one month!

We are at the one month-mark! Our plants have now been in the ground for four weeks, and we are really starting to see some progress. At this point, I'm not having to water them every day. We've had rain on and off, but since the plants are now established, I will only have to water them if we go a long time without rain.

I had some time to go out and weed a little bit today. The black tarp really cuts back on the weeds, and the ones that do grow around the base of the plants can be pulled up easily. I discovered that some of our plants are putting our their first flowers! Very exciting.

I also discovered this little gal (in the photo below). She is a Gasterocantha cancriformis, also known as a spiny orbweaver. This one is just a spiderling, but I am glad to see that she's ready to help my fight pests in my garden. I hope she sticks around and invites lots of friends to help!

See how tiny she is?

The eggplant is getting big.

And here are the first blooms!

Our poor, pathetic little squash just doesn't want to grow. Lesson learned: next year we won't be planting it in the shade.

See how big the zucchini (started out same size as squash) has gotten?

Here are some of the peppers, we have the bell pepper in front and the jalapeno behind it.

The bell pepper (below) and jalapeno have flowers!

These are the pimiento peppers.

The cayenne peppers have finally started growing, too.

Roma tomato plant, going strong.

The cherry tomato plant is looking good, and...

...also has flowers!

I can't wait for these to turn into the first tomatoes!

The cucumber has grown its first tendrills and I will be putting up some twine to help it start climbing the fence.

As you can tell, the corn is getting big! I guess it really likes protection, see how the ones in the middle are growing faster? Just like a real corn field!

The beans in the shade are growing just as fast as the beans in the sun.

Maybe next week they will start climbing?

I know the herbs don't look like they've grown that much, but I keep having to cut them back. I've gotten loads of cilantro and dill already. The basil will have to be planted in full sun next year - I may even transplant it if it continues to look so yellow and small.

Well, that's it for another week. Tune in next Sunday to see bigger plants, more blossoms and (if I'm lucky!) more spiders. :)