Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A little late is better than never!

Ok, so I haven't been able to update the blog this week, but I have a good excuse! Both our families came into town for Easter and we've been very busy! Here's a photo of all of us on the condo balcony (from l. to r.): Dan's dad Pete, Dan's sister Cate and her fiance Spax, Dan's mom Jan, my dad Hermann, my mom Gabi, Dan, my sister Annika, her fiance Thomas and me.

Here's what I've been doing instead of gardening:

Playing soccer with the guys on the beach.

Running into the ocean, then freezing my butt off in the wind.

And we've been doing lots of eating. LOTS of eating.

So today we finally had some time during daylight hours when it wasn't raining to take a few pictures for everyone to see.

Cucumber (finally growing!):





Zucchini (getting BIG!):

Squash (not as big because it's in the shade):

Leftover beans that I threw into a planter box (in the shade):

Beans (I'm hoping they start climbing soon!):

Roma Tomatoes:

Cherry Tomatoes:

We were lucky to have some rain the past few days. While it's not good for the vacationers, it means that we haven't had to spend money or time on watering the yard. Yay!

Last week, we had a dip in temperatures, and I had to find sheets to cover all the plants to make sure they didn't freeze. It worked and there was no damage - thank goodness! I would have hated to start over with any of these plants. I'm ready for fresh veggies NOW! :)

All the plants are looking healthy and happy, come check back next week for more progress!