Thursday, June 18, 2009

And now... the end is near...

Well, here are some updates on the state of the garden and the yard. See for yourself how we're drowning!

Ok, so it's not QUITE that bad. But it's bad.

First I take you on a tour of the swamp that I call a backyard. Listen closely, you can hear my footsteps squishing through the yard as I walk. It's so depressing! I wish we could just have a week of no rain so we can dry out a little!

So that's the backyard, and now on to the garden. It definitely doesn't look as nice as it once did. I haven't gotten out there to weed - first because it never stopped raining, and now because of the mosquitoes and fire ants. Ugh! I am thinking I will do my best to harvest what is left, and either start over or wait until the Fall to do a Fall/Winter garden with lettuce, broccoli and cabbage, etc. I am definitely going for raised beds, either way, and I need materials to make those, and materials = money, so we'll see where we're headed with that.

In all this sogginess, there are two plants that are loving all the water. The banana tree and the cypress tree are growing like crazy! Leave it to me to find the bright side...